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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 196 - April 10th (Day 52)

Took it a little easier this weekend. The grass has started to take root, so I gave it a light trim unitl it establishes itself a little better, It's amazing (to me) how green it is. It must be the preparatory work we did beforehand. We added some special loam to it all before hand and the grass seems to be loving it.

We will need to add some sand in between the areas where we either got the level wrong, the grass missed or the soil sank!

Today we added some plants to the front yard. It was looking a little bare.... We purchased a whole pile of plants for just $145 from a nursey just down the road. They boast that they have the cheapest prices in Brisbane, which, from the looks of what we got, is believable. (We have a whole pile of Gardenias still to plant...)

We have a whole pile of Gardenias around the back at the moment. I also noticed some Massive palms for sale for just $250 at another place along the way there. Got me thinking that it might be nice to have this at the front of the property.... Just not to sure the best way to move the suckers and they look massive even though they are in a movable bag.

Still need to screw up some more of the shutters as I haven't yet finished this as well as mounting the fence on the other side of the house. Still need to figure out the best way to do this as the poles wan't reach the ground now that the retaining wall has been added.

Finally we need to add the gates on either side of the property, which will attach to the fence. We have added the poles into the ground in preparation for this already.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 189 - April 3rd (Day 45)

Well we finished the deck today. Oiled it and added the trusty barbeque. Also finally cleaned out the garage now that we have all the timber out and used on the deck, so now the car and trailer fits in the garage. I used some acid wash on the floor of the garage as well, as it has absorbed a large amount of the red soil while we were working on the deck. Might need to give it a couple of coats to get rid of it all.

 We have a very small amount of timber left over.  I am thinking of making a stand we can use to add some plants to. I saw this in the December edition of Handyman magazine on page 146. Got me thinking about what I could do with the extra timber if there was any.  I think I have enough for around 4 planter boxes.

Each evening I have been working on the blinds in the house. Whilst I have assembled each of the blinds, I still need to anchor each one to the window frame with the supplied hinges and magnetic catches.

Next week we need to make a start on the fence down the other side of the house. Still need to figure out how to do this since we now have a a row of sleepers three high..? The poles won't reach the ground at the moment. I think I may be able to get some extensions that I can add to the top section of the fence? I ask at Stratco next week.....