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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 360 September 20th (Day 216)

The sun is out and it is really starting to warm up! It's going to be a hot summer. On the last post I mentioned that I had contacted Energex to ask them for some compensation since they were delayed in getting the Solar panels connected to the Grid. Well it was worth while. We got a cheque for $242.49.

Ok, so it wasn't the amount I had worked out, and to be honest, I think I probably could have pushed it further, but it pays for our electricity for one billing cycle so I'm happy.

The meter box was converted and now we are able to see the amount of solar energy generated vs the amount we have consumed. It has been interesting watching the figures, as a week ago, we were using more energy than we were generating, but now the opposite is true.   The meter reads that we have generated an extra 8Kw more than we have used. I hope the weather stays like this for a while as it's great on the hip pocket!

We had Metricon out the the house last week to finalise a couple of minor items. They still have to send a plumber around to adjust some pipework and a bath that is not sitting in its frame evenly. They also need to replace three light bulbs. After this, it should be complete form their side.

The only other thing left to complete is the fence down one side of the home (I bought it a while ago...the neighbours are going to assemble it shortly), and the gates for either side of the house.

I'll get some photos of everything soon....