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About Us

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Who are we?

Anita and myself were married at a quaint little church in Northgate, back in the day when I used to run my own electronics company at Chermside. Our first addition to the family came a year later with our lovely daughter Katelyn. At this time, we had been saving for our first home which we got into shortly after, in the suburb of Tingalpa.

Being our first home, it was a small three bedroom house, which suited us well. The only problem was that it was built out of pine, and on our first day at the house, we were removing an old table top from the rear of a shed that was at the property, when it fell apart due to the termites it had in it! We used a baiting system made by a company called Greenpest, which worked very well and I have no doubt, saved our home from being eaten by them!

A couple of years on and we had our second child, a fun loving little girl we called Luella. During this time our work arrangements had changed a little, with me working at a College as the IT Manager, and my wife working at a retail warehouse.

After two more years at Tingalpa, we realised we were starting to run out of room, which started us looking for a larger place to live. A display home was open at the time in the suburb of Wakefield, which had a fantastic display home that Metricon were showing. It was called the Grandview, and it had their traditional facade.

To get into this home took a little longer than we first thought it would. We needed to get ourselves in the financial position to purchase a new home, and build a little more equity in our existing home. After another two years we were ready to go.

We sold our home at Tingalpa, and moved in to my parents home which had been vacant for over a year. It took another 5 months to get everything else organised, but at last the home has started and is due to be completed after 180 days.

From our inital meetings with the salesman, Steve, through to our meeting with Vanessa at Metricon's Display centre at Robina it has been great. We have chosen a Steel frmaed house to assist with our fear of the "termite factor"!

We have now started working with our Site Supervisor, Nathan, who has been guiding us towards our final goal, the new home.

What do we expect on this trip? Well if I said it'd be perfectly smooth sailing I'd be lying. We expect some hiccups along the way, but from what I have seen from other blogs, Metricon have a good name for themselves in resolving these issues, usually within a timely fashion.

I expect that the majority of issues will start once the frame is up, as this is what I have noticed on other peoples blogs. Hopefully this problem doesn't occur...

Please feel free to comment. I'd love to hear form you.